Pre Order FAQ


Do I get charged when the order is placed?
-Yes.  When the Pre Order is placed with us, it secures that spot in line.  We also secure the items ordered with the manufacturer or one of our various distributors.  We do not keep any payment information on file.  If your Pre Order is not able to be filled, you will receive a full refund.  The pre order does not guarantee your item before or on the estimated time but does guarantee your order for the price paid.  

I ordered a Pre Order item and an instock item.  Will the in stock item ship or wait for the entire order to fill?
-If purchased in the same transaction and you choose free economy shipping, the order will ship when all items arrive.  If you would like for the items to ship individually, they would need to be purchased in individual transactions or choose another paid shipping option.  If free economy shipping is chosen, all items will ship when the entire order arrives. 

Can I cancel the Pre Order?
-You have the ability to cancel your Pre Order within 24 hours for a full refund.  After 24 hours, your order can be cancelled and given a
store credit.  We do not charge a restocking or cancellation fee.  KT Toy Co reserves the right to offer other options.  If we are unable to fill your order because of allocations, we will refund the entire amount charged.

When will my Pre Order come in?
-We do our best to update the products with the latest estimated release dates.  These dates are provided by the manufacturer or a distributor and are estimated.  We can usually give a time frame but may vary up to a couple of weeks.  All of this depends on the manufacturer's availability to release the product.  At times, for demonstrative purposes, we may refer to other online retailers and brick and mortar stores as a reference to show if the product is available.  Keep in mind, if there's pictures on Facebook or other social media sites, manufacturers release products in waves.  At times, we are able to get in the first wave of shipments.  Others, may be the second or third wave.  With that being said, we do everything in our power to get your order to you as quickly as possible.  We try to keep products labeled with a release window (for example "January Pre Order") so you are supplied this information before purchasing.

Why haven't I gotten mine yet?  I've seen them everywhere.
-This also goes back to Funko shipping in waves.  We do a lot of research daily to get the latest products ordered early to avoid delays.  In some case, manufacturers do not immediately announce a product and may be made available to some stores exclusively earlier than others.  We place most orders manufacturer direct as soon as the item is announced to us.

Pre Orders are subject to date change without notice.  The dates supplied are estimates given by Funko and it's affiliates.  Changes in shipment dates from Funko do not warrant a refund or compensation 

If you have other question or concerns, please reach us on Facebook messenger at or at

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